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Most people choose a location and then start thinking about the weather over there. We like to do it differently. We choose to base our travel related decisions only based on weather. So first we search for a location with our kind of weather and then we choose between the locations that match our set weather conditions. Sounds a good idea to me? Well, why else would we have created this site - initially it was meant just for one person, myself. To make it easier for me to find a perfect spot to travel to. But like things usually go, the project started being bigger and bigger and...then I decided to make it available to everyone and maybe even earn something with it. Have fun!


Flight Destination: Dublin, Ireland, Europe

Info about Ireland
Current temperature:

11 C

(last check 2015-03-27 23:32:01)
Weather Forecast

Airports in Dublin
Dublin (DUB)

Airlines in Ireland
Aer Lingus

Hot Destinations (25 to 40 C)

33 C
27 C
38 C


Cold Destinations (-20 to -50 C)

-24 C
-28 C
-30 C


Mild Destinations (10 to 20 C)

19 C
11 C
16 C


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