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You want to go travelling, but have no idea where to go? You just want to hop on a plane without the long hassle of travel planning and finding the right booking agent? You want to know what's happening in the potential destination without having to spend hours of your time on research? We've all been there.

AARP, a nonprofit organization, has just launched a new website called AARP Travel ( which is meant to simplify the entire travel planning process for you. And get your from ideas and... continue reading

Working remotely may seem like a unicorn a concept that would be magical and amazing, but likely doesn't exist but non-traditional work arrangemen...

Irrespective of the purpose of flying, there are certain safety tips that one should keep in mind as a passenger to ensure smooth and safe flying expe...
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Flights By Weather

Most people choose a location and then start thinking about the weather over there. We like to do it differently. We choose to base our travel related decisions only based on weather. So first we search for a location with our kind of weather and then we choose between the locations that match our set weather conditions. Sounds a good idea to me.

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