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Most people choose a location and then start thinking about the weather over there. We like to do it differently. We choose to base our travel related decisions only based on weather. So first we search for a location with our kind of weather and then we choose between the locations that match our set weather conditions. Sounds a good idea to me? Well, why else would we have created this site - initially it was meant just for one person, myself. To make it easier for me to find a perfect spot to travel to. But like things usually go, the project started being bigger and bigger and...then I decided to make it available to everyone and maybe even earn something with it. Have fun!


Currently Cold travel destinations

Are you interested in traveling to cold climate? Look no further. We are giving you the chance to find the perfect cold travel destinations from around the globe. Our weather information is updated throughout 24/7 and more specific time for last updates is available on every destination page. Have fun finding your best cold travel destination!

More Cold locations

  Alto Ro SenguerrDistance 5157 km-5 C
  EsquelDistance 5154 km-4 C
  TarijaDistance 4584 km-3 C
  TlokoengDistance 2752 km-3 C
  CoyhaiqueDistance 5221 km-2 C
  CochraneDistance 5264 km-2 C
  SekakesDistance 2760 km-2 C
  QuthingDistance 2752 km-2 C
  CalamaDistance 4834 km-1 C
  FutaleufDistance 5183 km-1 C
  JaujaDistance 5224 km-1 C
  NarsaqDistance 5787 km-1 C
  LimaDistance 4963 km-1 C
  Ro MayoDistance 5140 km-1 C
  WanakaDistance 10324 km-1 C
  Chesterfield InletDistance 6063 km-1 C
  Pond InletDistance 5819 km-1 C
  Fort HopeDistance 5971 kmN/A C
  PucnDistance 5147 kmN/A C
  AlertDistance 5906 kmN/A C
  ResoluteDistance 6162 kmN/A C
  PovungnitukDistance 5607 kmN/A C
  Mould BayDistance 6626 kmN/A C
  DevonportDistance 9221 kmN/A C
  Ingeniero JacobacciDistance 5050 kmN/A C
  Lago ArgentinoDistance 5293 kmN/A C
  JuliacaDistance 4875 kmN/A C
  ManjimupDistance 7669 kmN/A C
  ChaitnDistance 5219 kmN/A C
  BloemfonteinDistance 2629 km1 C
  BarrowDistance 7867 km1 C
  El CalafateDistance 5293 km1 C
  HunucoDistance 5271 km1 C
  QeqertarsuaqDistance 5807 km1 C
  SisimiutDistance 5174 km1 C
  Santa RosaDistance 4797 km1 C
  SagwonDistance 7755 km1 C
  San JosDistance 4548 km1 C
  Villa MercedesDistance 4878 km1 C
  QikiqtarjuaqDistance 5408 km1 C
  Hall BeachDistance 5828 km1 C
  IgloolikDistance 5850 km2 C
  Grise FiordDistance 5965 km2 C
  MakkovikDistance 4904 km2 C
  TuktoyaktukDistance 7258 km2 C
  PaulatukDistance 6986 km2 C
  BalmacedaDistance 5208 km2 C
  DeeringDistance 8490 km2 C
  Jos de San MartnDistance 5128 km2 C
  Mar del PlataDistance 4398 km2 C
  MinnipaDistance 8853 km2 C
  McCallDistance 7428 km2 C
  NecocheaDistance 4469 km2 C
  ManangDistance 5786 km2 C
  ResistenciaDistance 4281 km2 C
  So Miguel do OesteDistance 3955 km2 C
  Alto PalenaDistance 5186 km2 C
  Puerto WilliamsDistance 5190 km2 C
  West WyalongDistance 9556 km2 C
  NainDistance 5027 km2 C
  Andorra la VellaDistance 2937 km3 C
  ZapalaDistance 5045 km3 C
  CoonambleDistance 9731 km3 C
  TiksiDistance 7030 km3 C
  LehDistance 5416 km3 C
  KaikouraDistance 10717 km3 C
  Lime AcresDistance 2480 km3 C
  LeribeDistance 2696 km3 C
  MaseruDistance 2692 km3 C
  QaanaaqDistance 5799 km3 C
  NeftekamskDistance 4780 km3 C
  OrangeDistance 9694 km3 C
  IttoqqortoormiitDistance 4947 km3 C
  CoomaDistance 9585 km3 C
  Tres ArroyosDistance 4541 km3 C
  PerthDistance 9251 km3 C
  Puerto NatalesDistance 5321 km3 C
  SehonghongDistance 2771 km3 C
  Senz PeaDistance 4378 km3 C
  Thaba-TsekaDistance 2749 km3 C
  ValparasoDistance 5071 km3 C
  Puerto AisnDistance 5248 km3 C
  CornwallDistance 5340 km3 C
  SanikiluaqDistance 5637 km3 C
  JasperDistance 7314 km3 C
  Rankin InletDistance 6109 km3 C
  Sept-lesDistance 5048 km3 C
  MatagamiDistance 5513 km3 C
  Fort SevernDistance 5955 km3 C
  Gjoa HavenDistance 6203 km3 C
  Repulse BayDistance 5938 km4 C
  Coral HarbourDistance 5833 km4 C
  QueenstownDistance 10264 km4 C
  WiniskDistance 5858 km4 C
  AllakaketDistance 8085 km4 C
  BolwarraDistance 9866 km4 C
  CobarDistance 9552 km4 C
  Chile ChicoDistance 5218 km4 C
  Crooked CreekDistance 8632 km4 C
  CootamundraDistance 9579 km4 C
  Cut BankDistance 7147 km4 C
  DerbyDistance 9304 km4 C
  DundasDistance 5764 km4 C
  AasiaatDistance 5232 km4 C
  KurumanDistance 2701 km4 C
  Los MenucosDistance 4972 km4 C
  AltaDistance 6047 km4 C
  MonteagudoDistance 4500 km4 C
  MiramarDistance 4419 km4 C
  MaquinchaoDistance 5007 km4 C
  MekoryukDistance 9084 km4 C
  ObanDistance 9976 km4 C
  OkhotskDistance 8169 km4 C
  PucallpaDistance 5309 km4 C
  Punta ArenasDistance 5280 km4 C
  RosarioDistance 4714 km4 C
  SpringbokDistance 2611 km4 C
  San JoaqunDistance 4624 km4 C
  SavoongaDistance 8990 km4 C
  VallegrandeDistance 4498 km4 C
  Wagga WaggaDistance 9521 km4 C
  Franz JosefDistance 10460 km4 C
  TasiilaqDistance 4830 km5 C
  BarrowDistance 7867 km5 C
  CandleDistance 8473 km5 C
  CajamarcaDistance 5093 km5 C
  Cornlio ProcpioDistance 3716 km5 C
  CatamarcaDistance 4693 km5 C
  DysartDistance 9209 km5 C
  DuraznoDistance 4248 km5 C
  EncarnacinDistance 4100 km5 C
  PetersburgDistance 7847 km5 C
  GambellDistance 9033 km5 C
  Glen InnesDistance 9981 km5 C
  GeorgeDistance 2739 km5 C
  HammerfestDistance 4971 km5 C
  NanortalikDistance 4702 km5 C
  QaarsutDistance 5314 km5 C
  MelbourneDistance 9276 km5 C
  KirunaDistance 4765 km5 C
  KulusukDistance 4821 km5 C
  LoncopuDistance 5065 km5 C
  Lightning RidgeDistance 9754 km5 C
  Alluitsup PaaDistance 4725 km5 C
  MerimbulaDistance 9605 km5 C
  NelsonDistance 10761 km5 C
  Pedro BayDistance 8607 km5 C
  Port ElizabethDistance 2845 km5 C
  Puerto MadrynDistance 4853 km5 C
  PevekDistance 8438 km5 C
  JohannesburgDistance 2579 km5 C
  Ro CuartoDistance 4668 km5 C
  Ro GrandeDistance 4642 km5 C
  Ro TurbioDistance 5309 km5 C
  Sierra GrandeDistance 4848 km5 C
  StrathmoreDistance 9137 km5 C
  TokoroaDistance 11087 km5 C
  UummannaqDistance 5274 km5 C
  QueenstownDistance 2790 km5 C
  WindhoekDistance 1928 km5 C
  WhakataneDistance 11168 km5 C
  KugaarukDistance 6042 km5 C
  Cambridge BayDistance 6447 km5 C
  Davis InletDistance 4981 km5 C
  EurekaDistance 6061 km5 C
  TaloyoakDistance 6138 km5 C
  KapuskasingDistance 5723 km5 C
  PangnirtungDistance 5405 km6 C
  HolmanDistance 6761 km6 C
  EdmontonDistance 7086 km6 C
  ArviatDistance 6182 km6 C
  NitchequonDistance 5280 km6 C
  HornepayneDistance 5828 km6 C
  Snare LakeDistance 6838 km6 C
  Pine PointDistance 6938 km6 C
  Fort McPhersonDistance 7417 km6 C
  VictoriaDistance 5156 km6 C
  Goose BayDistance 4896 km6 C
  RobervalDistance 5265 km6 C
  Buenos AiresDistance 4386 km6 C
  AmbatolahyDistance 3438 km6 C
  AndahuaylasDistance 5086 km6 C
  ArmidaleDistance 9949 km6 C
  BtsfjordDistance 5020 km6 C
  BenallaDistance 9385 km6 C
  Blue CanyonDistance 7823 km6 C
  Battle CreekDistance 7032 km6 C
  BurnieDistance 9201 km6 C
  Colonia CatrielDistance 4917 km6 C
  CharataDistance 4408 km6 C
  Comodoro RivadaviaDistance 5018 km6 C
  Douglas LakeDistance 7495 km6 C
  DiksonDistance 5880 km6 C
  East ForkDistance 8662 km6 C
  El MaitnDistance 5137 km6 C
  ErechimDistance 3899 km6 C
  WindhoekDistance 1928 km6 C
  Falls CreekDistance 9723 km6 C
  Ganes CreekDistance 8476 km6 C
  Gobernador GregoresDistance 5184 km6 C
  ArgyleDistance 9295 km6 C
  HarrismithDistance 2717 km6 C
  HonningsvgDistance 5009 km6 C
  HsavkDistance 4559 km6 C
  IlulissatDistance 5223 km6 C
  QasigiannguitDistance 5207 km6 C
  JyvskylDistance 4467 km6 C
  KaltagDistance 8475 km6 C
  KingscoteDistance 8917 km6 C
  Port ClarenceDistance 8713 km6 C
  KerangDistance 9291 km6 C
  Lake MinchuminaDistance 8259 km6 C
  LuklaDistance 5953 km6 C
  MafetengDistance 2705 km6 C
  Mammoth LakesDistance 7762 km6 C
  NaracoorteDistance 9057 km6 C
  Grand CanyonDistance 7397 km6 C
  NeuqunDistance 4943 km6 C
  NorsemanDistance 8051 km6 C
  PehuajDistance 4577 km6 C
  PosadasDistance 4100 km6 C
  Roche HarborDistance 7689 km6 C
  SeydisfjorurDistance 4552 km6 C
  ShishmarefDistance 8599 km6 C
  SheppartonDistance 9356 km6 C
  ShagelukDistance 8632 km6 C
  StokmarknesDistance 4777 km6 C
  Thaba NchuDistance 2659 km6 C
  TandilDistance 4464 km6 C
  TemoraDistance 9557 km6 C
  Tin CityDistance 8729 km6 C
  UshuaiaDistance 5212 km6 C
  General VillegasDistance 4623 km6 C
  AndriamenaDistance 3473 km6 C
  Ross RiverDistance 7593 km6 C
  San RafaelDistance 4614 km7 C
  AndenesDistance 4834 km7 C
  StockholmDistance 4324 km7 C
  BodDistance 4689 km7 C
  BerlevgDistance 5028 km7 C
  CondobolinDistance 9581 km7 C
  ChickenDistance 7850 km7 C
  Carmen de PatagonesDistance 4720 km7 C
  Santa Cruz do SulDistance 3951 km7 C
  Caleta OliviaDistance 5029 km7 C
  ChitinaDistance 8096 km7 C
  CorryongDistance 9512 km7 C
  FskrsfjrurDistance 4530 km7 C
  ForrestDistance 9176 km7 C
  GualeguaychDistance 4348 km7 C
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