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Top 4 tourist destinations in France

2014-02-14 10:37:06

France happens to be a rare gem in Europe which is blessed with a multitude of world-class tourist attractions that have established it as a firm vacation destination for many peoples from all corners of the world. Apart from its famous capital, Paris, there are plenty of other cities that can effortlessly portray this nation's famous culture and heritage.

Should you wish to experience the French side of life, below are 4 top destinations that will undoubtedly make your stay in this nation a most memorable one.

Loire Valley
The Loire valley, which is situated in the countryside, happens to be an especially stunning location that is blessed with a picturesque landscape. The Loire was initially meant to be a countryside retreat for the ancient nobility, and still bears this indelible mark. Set around the Loire river, this area offers various sightseeing attractions such as the fabled medieval chateaux that are concentrated in the Tours and Blois area.

Additionally, the Loire valley is home to diverse spectacular sights and sounds such as breathtaking woodlands, caverns, and even water bodies, which have earned it recognition from UNESCO as one the world heritage sites. The Loire valley is also famous for its culinary delights, most especially its world-class wines like the Sancerre or the Savignon de Tourraine.

While Cannes is globally acclaimed for its famous film festival, it also offers a wide range of attractions that can appeal to most tourists. These include the fabled La Croissete area that is set along the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean. This part of Cannes boasts of numerous eateries where you might have a taste of mouth-watering French cuisine. While you are there, you can do some shopping from the many up market shopping and convenience stores, among many other hallmarks of Cannes.

Normandy lies in the north coast of France, where the lush countryside meanders right over the coast. Some of the top attractions of this area include Rouen where you can spend your days touring its famous Gothic churches. If you're a gourmet you can visit Camembert where you can sample one of France's top delicacies the Norman cheese.

Chamonix lies along the rugged Alpine range of mountains, and went down in history as the first city to host the winter Olympics way back in 1924. This area, which is arguably reputed to be Europe's extreme winter sports capital, is a must-visit for individuals that revel in skiing or even mountaineering. You can also enjoy Chamonix's scenic panorama from a bird's eye view via a cable car.

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