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8 Top Airline Safety Tips For Passengers

2014-02-20 10:02:27


Irrespective of the purpose of flying, there are certain safety tips that one should keep in mind as a passenger to ensure smooth and safe flying experience. Most reputed airlines provide instructions to their passengers, but if you forgot to give it a look earlier, here are some tips that you should follow to ensure you arrive safely to your destination with possessions intact.

1. Stay alert
As a passenger, its your obligation to have an observing eye. You should keep your mind alert and prepared to face all kind of situations. Don't leave your bags unattended or with someone you don't know. Even if you have to, look for airport personnel to take care of your luggage, while you're away.

2. Keep Your Essential Documents Close By
Buy a waist pouch or small handbag that you can carry at all times with you. Keep all the important documents like ticket and ID proof at hand. The closer you can keep your all documents, the better it will be for you as there's nothing anything other than your identification proofs that you'll need to survive in a foreign country until you get other things back.

3. Don't Carry Anyone Else's Luggage
There can be instances when someone stranger would ask you to handle his belongings while boarding the plane. No matter how insignificant it may look, do not ever hold anyone else's luggage as it can land you in great trouble when caught by authorities.

4. Immediately Report The Unattended Items
If you find any unattended items lying around or you feel suspicious about anyone carrying something, immediately report the concerned authorities or airline. You never know, if your suspicious might help save hundreds of lives with one right action.

5. Keep Your Wallet/Purse Close To Your Body
If you have a wallet or purse, keep it close to your body. It is advised to carry a small pouch or wallet to keep money, instead of using handy bags. Pouches and wallets sound much reasonable for this purpose.

6. Watch Out For Staged Mishaps
Often, criminal activities at the airport take place in teams. For example, one bumping into you and spilling a drink to divert your attention, while the other will take your luggage, or other valuables in a matter of time, leaving you confused all of a sudden.

7. Use Electronic Proximity Alarm
Consider attaching electronic proximity alarm with your valuables. Such alarms are designed to alert you if a thief attempts to take off with your bags while you're busy. As soon as the bag will go out of the proximate area, the alarm will go off, sending alert signals to all the relevant authorities nearby.

8. Pack Different Category of Things Separately
Pack valuable things separate from items that would be going in your checked bags. It is advised to carry valuable things like money, jewelry or important documents in a handy pouch or bag for better protection. They should be packed in small carry bags, while other insignificant items can find place in regular suitcases.

Now that you are aware of all airport safety tips, make sure you keep your mind alert of all the things taking place around you. It will help you have a safe travel experience.

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