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The best cruise experience for life's most important celebrations

2013-01-30 05:38:56

It's time to take a break from your busy life and start preparing for you next vacation. And why not take it on board a cruise ship. Especially if you decide to do it on one of the best cruise lines in the world - Princess Cruises. As one couple in their video, celebrating their anniversary on a ship Ruby Princess, said - "They go out of their way to let us escape completely on our vacations."

People are taking cruises for different reasons, often to celebrate something. On a cruise ship there's nothing to remind you of your responsibilities, you can just go, relax, and escape completely.

And just recently Princess Cruises launched a New "Celebrations" Campaign, the centerpiece of which are the videos created by the passengers themselves. Princess put cameras in the hands of their passengers to create short videos from their cruise, to show them what inspired their vacation. People sailing to locations worldwide, including Hawaii, Panama Canal, Australia, just to mention a few locations. These videos, the stories of people saying why they personally went on a cruise vacation and what they were celebrating there can be found at

If you have recently celebrated a special occasion on a cruise ship, you too can submit your story at If you do it before March 31, 2013, you also have a chance to win a 7-day Caribbean cruise aboard Princess's new Royal Princess.

Disclosure: This post was provided by an advertiser.

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