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Design the Travel Trips With Taste Buds of Aurangabad Tourism

2014-02-14 05:05:09

Looking for something warm? This might be it. Aurangabad was named after the great emperor of Mughal Aurangzeb. The breathtaking city is located in the district of Aurangabad, in the picturesque state of Maharashtra, India. It has made a name for itself as one of the most ancient and oldest land with long history and interesting culture. The city of Aurangabad is known as one of the great contenders of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The historical city is meshed up enigmatically with all other major cities and destinations equipped heavily both by rails and roads and thus holds many administrative headquarters and offices of the Aurangabad region or the Marathwada divisions.

The cultural city of Aurangabad is renowned as the City of Gates, as it borders with other major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Nashik. Auranagbad plays a great role of delivering a strong presence of route to drive from one city to another, making it a great connector land.

The land of history is jolted with many historical forts and architectural places, many old temples of deity gods, picturesque gardens and lush green vallies.

Aurangabad has also green vegetations and fast growing bio-diversity, it has many national wildlife reservations and bird sanctuaries bagged with many extinct species.

Being known as one of the finest and popular tourism and travel destinations in the heart of the picturesque state, the city has loads of modern hotels and resorts for the travellers.

The climatic condition of the region is also one of the most cherishing and sultriest essence that allures a wide number of tourist and travelers every year.

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