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AARP Travel website to help you find the perfect destination

2014-03-24 04:12:29

You want to go travelling, but have no idea where to go? You just want to hop on a plane without the long hassle of travel planning and finding the right booking agent? You want to know what's happening in the potential destination without having to spend hours of your time on research? We've all been there.

AARP, a nonprofit organization, has just launched a new website called AARP Travel ( which is meant to simplify the entire travel planning process for you. And get your from ideas and dreams to your destination quicker.

The new travel website features a Trip Finder which asks you a series of question to help the system come up with a set of perfect destination recommendations, of which some could be rather unexpected. Their Map Explorer feature is there to offer you a street-level interactive map of attractions, hotels, restaurants and well as reviews about everything.

The site also features general travel as well as destination articles and tips from AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown. And of course, you can also book trips through AARP Travel.

"The features we've launched today, along with new content and tools we'll add to AARP Travel as the service grows, reflect the simplicity, ease of use and convenience people want all under one roof," said Sami Hassanyeh, Chief Digital Officer for AARP.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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Flights By Weather

Most people choose a location and then start thinking about the weather over there. We like to do it differently. We choose to base our travel related decisions only based on weather. So first we search for a location with our kind of weather and then we choose between the locations that match our set weather conditions. Sounds a good idea to me.

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